Little Baby Penguin.

October 11, 2008

I discovered an amazing website.  Wee Wonderfuls. It’s full of crafty sewing fun.  One of the free patterns on the website is for a Wee Bunny.  Very cute.  However, I decided to turn the bunny ears into flippers and use my black and white fabric scraps and make the pattern smaller to make a baby penguin.  With a convenient hanging loop so he can stay on my wall.  I didn’t have fiberfill so he’s not properly stuffed and this causes him to be a little lumpy.  But I’ll finish him soon!

And here is a side view.

I love him!


Baby Pillow

October 10, 2008

My husband has a little pillow (named ‘Baby Pillow’).  His grandmother made it for him when his family moved to the US from Serbia.  She didn’t think that the US had good feathers.  Anyway.  Baby Pillow got a Halloween makeover.  Here are the photos.

And here is our wonderful little pug testing it out.

I love the Internets!

October 9, 2008

Sitting at home while my husband is at work is kinda boring sometimes.  However, it has given me time to browse the internet.  It’s amazing the tangets you get on while looking up something.  I was looking for a book on to put on my Christmas list and I found that the author of the book has a blog.  When I looked at her super cool craft blog I noticed she had a list of favorite blogs.  And when I looked at that I found this.

The website is NaniBird.  I think they are amazing.  On that website it showed how someone created a ‘Save the Date’ bird for their wedding.  Before even seeing that I thought it would be super cool to try to create my own Christmas themed one for gift tags.  It would be the coolest gift tag ever!  A bright red and green bird on brown mailing paper wrapped packages.  I’ll have to get working on that idea!

The Cure for a Bad Day

October 8, 2008

Today was a bad day.  I had a horrible headache all day and my husband had a failed experiment and was feeling pretty low.  However, we have a quick fix-all.  Dutch Dreams.  Yes, I know I’ve blogged before but yum!  Here are pictures and we get it all for less than $7.00 – which is amazing for Toronto.

Here is the containers.

Inside the containers – Dutch Chocolate ice cream, a cup of fresh fruit, and waffle cone pieces.

Divide into two and eat!  It turns a bad day around.

The List

September 3, 2008

After finding the article “25 Things You Must Do in Toronto” (shown in the previous post), I decided that my husband and I should make our own list of things to see and do while in Toronto.

We are in Toronto temporarily because of my husband’s career.  He finished his PH. D. in May and he is working as a post doctoral researcher for the University of Toronto.  Also in May we sold his house in Kentucky and got married.  We moved here in June.  So it’s been a crazy summer.  The transition has not been the easiest.  First of all, I really didn’t want to move.  Secondly, I miss my family and both my husband and I miss Kentucky.  But I have decided to make the best of it.  How often do people get to live two years of their life as a tourist?

That’s what we are going to do.  We are going to look at all the tour guides and search the Internet to create a list of all the things to do in Toronto.  Along the way I am sure we will add things that we have found ourselves to the list.  Each item that we accomplish will be written about within this blog along with photographs.  The official list will be added as a page to this blog.

If anyone is reading and has a suggestion of something to do in Toronto, let me know!

I found and excellent resource at  There was a great article on 25 Things You Must Do While in Toronto.

I guess I’ll have to try to do some of them since I’ll be in the city for two years.

Bata Shoe Museum

July 21, 2008

Three weeks after moving to Toronto my husband and I were driving some friends home for dinner.  On our way we passed the Bata Shoe Museum which is located on 327 Bloor St. West.  Since I have a deep love for shoes and because I loved taking History of Costume while working on my degree in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles,  I immediately knew I wanted to visit.  I had never heard of a shoe museum and I couldn’t wait to see what treasures it held.  I dragged my husband along a week later and it was amazing.  (For me anyway, not so sure how much he enjoyed it.)

The exhibits when we were there included a historical view of “Footwear through the Ages”.  It showed shoes from all over the world that were worn throughout time.  My favorite exhibit, however, was “On Pointe: The Rise of the Ballet Shoe”.  In the display area a ballet was showing which added to the collection.  I am in love with ballet and danced in high school and my first year of college – just amateur but I loved it.  Seeing the pointe shoes made me want to dance again.  They also had pieces of the shoes to show how they are manufactured.

The experience was definitely worth $12 for an adult ticket.  For any one who loves shoes this is a must see!


My husband discovered Richtree while he was visiting family friends in Toronto several years ago.  My first visit with him to the city led us to eat there.  And while his uncle was in town visiting we ate there again.

Richtree is a very unique restaurant.  It claims that it is “market style”.  When you walk in each person is handed a magnetic stripe card (like a credit card).  Once you are seated everyone gets up and chooses what they want to eat.  In a way it’s similar to a buffet.

There are tons of station in the restaurant featuring many different types of food.  On our last visit my husband ate ham and rostini potatoes, his uncle ate sushi and some other entree, and I had a fajita.  This is only a small selection.  There is a grill, and Italian, and pizza, and a salad bar, and a bar, and a sandwich station, etc.  There are so many choices that I sometimes find it overwhelming.  When you finally choose what you would like to eat you hand them your card and they swipe it.

Then you eat.  And you get your drinking water out of a fountain that is in the wall.

Next you have to decide what you want for dessert.  There is a bakery with a wide variety of cakes, thereis also ice cream.  The most popular seems to be the crepes.  Which can be ordered with many different toppings.

With full bellies you make your way to the exit and hand them your card.  This lets them know exactly what you ate and how much each item cost and you pay go home.  It is a wonderful experience!  Great for large groups of people who cannot decide on one type of food and great for picky eaters.

Takeout is also available.

A Vintage Heaven

July 15, 2008

As I walked down the many wonderful shops on Cumberland Street I looked up and saw a wonderful 1950’s vintage dress in a second floor window.  Being a fan of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces I had to visit the store. Divine Decadence is a store vintage lovers dream about.

Divine Decadence has clothes from every decade.  Each piece is in near mint condition and they are beautiful.  The family owned business has clients that shop for red carpet events.  The woman working there said that Zac Posen comes in to browse.

Coming from a small town in the US I scouted all the vintage stores in the area but none compared to this amazing collection of vintage fashion.  However, with the amazing items and famous clientle there is a heafty price tag.  Browsing through the clothing the prices I saw ranged from $950-$4000.

Even if you can’t afford anything in the store if your interested in vintage fashion it’s worth a visit.

“Are there any ice cream places around here?”  I asked on Friday.  We had just eaten dinner and I had decided that I wanted some ice cream.

“Let me check on the internet,” he replied.  After looking for a few minutes he responded, “There’s a place called Dutch Dreams about two blocks away.”

“Um, I guess we can try it,” I responded.  We got up from our new IKEA couch and headed out the door.  Less than ten minutes later we were looking at Dutch Dreams.

The building looks eclectic but it’s fun in a kitschy sort of way.  The ice cream is fantastic! I got a scoop of raspberry sherbet in a regular cone and he got a scoop of Dutch chocolate in a regular cone.  The best part is that each ice cream, whether in a cone or a cup, is served with whipped cream and fresh fruit on top.  While I didn’t want whipped cream on mine, I had a slice of strawberry, kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, and a blueberry on top of amazing raspberry sherbet.

Blissfully eating ice cream on the walk back to our apartment he actually finished his ice cream before me!  (For those of you who don’t know, he isn’t the biggest fan of ice cream but he will make an exception if it is chocolate.)

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.

We had just finished lunch and he looks at me and asks, “Do you want to get ice cream today?”

Then I had a heaping scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough and my husband had a heaping scoop of Dutch chocolate again.  All topped with fresh fruit.  And we ate it all by the time we walked back to our apartment.